Why Does Fall Get All the Glory?

Spring has flowers in all their budding beauty; bright green, pinks and purples and all those Easter egg colors. Summer is fresh mown green grass and sunny blue skies, beachy hues and fun and games. Winter is sometimes gloomy but some of us revel in the crisp cool grays and whites. Why does fall get all the glory for color lovers? It is the seasonal change that seems to get the most attention. Maybe it is the speed and absoluteness of the leaves turning and falling to the ground. We know we have to take a moment and appreciate their fleeting burst of glory.

We look forward to layering our cozy clothes again and pulling out our favorite boots. Watching our favorite teams and sporting those bright colors. Food shifts to comfort with soups and stews. Pumpkin and pumpkin spices have a cult following. 

We even think about bringing those colors into our homes. Keep in mind that the richness that we love about these fall colors can feel heavy when spring rolls around. Be judicious and consider using the color on accents that can move and change. Wall colors will stick around for a while unlike those leaves so make sure it's a color you can live with year round.