Forecasting FUN

I will not lie, one of the parts of this job that is the most fun is forecasting color. Diving deep into the cultural and sociological trends that drive consumers desires for certain colors can be challenging but the process is addicting. So much of the work of research has to be sifted through and focused before actual color selection can even happen. When that final palette is set, you feel as if you don't want to let that baby go. But then if you are fortunate, your client keeps you involved and you assist in the photo shoot that brings the colors to life. And THEN that client does more magic with their marketing and you get to see your forecast come to life even more. Love my job!

Colorfuel Loves White

Easy, breezy whites. Well maybe not so easy when trying to select the right white, but that's where Colorfuel can help. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to whites and off-whites. Whether it is an offering of the best whites that your company needs, or a single white for your home project, we believe in the power of white. And yes, white IS a color and there are many, many shades.

Colorfuel Loves Blue

Blue is the world's most popular color and it can have many moods. Colorfuel knows color and can take your inspiration and turn it into reality. If you are struggling with color, we can wrangle it for you. Get to know blue. Contact us.

Inspo+convo FASHION

Inspo+convo FASHION

Whether it is the drama and creativity of a fashion show or a gander through your own closet, your clothing color choices can be a springboard to a dynamite combination in your home. In the last inspo+convo we looked to nature and flowers specifically to study color schemes. We see color everywhere and why not look to colors that have been put together by fashion designers who have a proven eye for color and trends. 

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